Polyurethane Problem Solving Bushing - PSB

Armstrong Distributors carries a large range of polyurethane bushings (AT AFFORDABLE PRICES ) with a particular focus on the PSB bushings. They are specially designed to fit directly into your original factory control arms, resulting in SAVINGS of hundreds of dollars. Not only are they designed as replacements, but also as an upgrade to the standard rubber bushings.

We also stock and distribute high performance polyurethane bushings on behalf of reputable suppliers whose products complement our selection of PSB Bushings. These replacements generally are vastly superior to the parts that were originally installed in your automobile. Polyurethane bushings are specifically formulated to deal with the inertial stresses and other forces that wreak havoc on the quality of the ride. The PSB bushings and those of our suppliers enjoy a stellar reputation for ease of installation and longevity.

Problem solving bushings have further helped technicians to ascertain the source of various creaks and other noises in older cars. Perhaps the fault in the original factory design has caused a better quality replacement part to have been made.

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All of our polyurethane bushings carry a lifetime warranty (6 months only on our driveshaft coupling kits, ADUS 524 & 525).

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We develop new & innovative products that not only replace factory parts, but also improve handling & drivability.

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