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Capri 84-86 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushing Kit - Prothane 6-703

Capri 84-86 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushing Kit - Prothane 6-703

$ 19.69

Steering Rack and Pinion Bushing Kit

Part # : Prothane 6-703


10/84-02 Ford Mustang
10/84-88 Ford Thunder Bird
10/84-88 Mercury Cougar
10/84-86 Mercury Capri

This Kit Includes:
passenger side steering rack bushings driver side
steering rack bushings Super Grease

  • Precision fabrication assures perfect fit
  • Holds super grease for quiet operation
  • Premium grade polyurethane components
  • Provides necessary rigidity
  • Installation Instructions and Lubrication included

Why Use Polyurethane

Polyurethane bushings are stronger and last longer than standard rubber bushings. Most modern production vehicles are designed using rubber bushings which have a limited lifespan. This contributes to suspension failure due to vehicular weight and the inherent design of high-tech suspensions. Typically this results in less than desirable vehicle handling and can cause many related parts to wear out more rapidly than necessary. Polyurethane corrects this problem and in many cases improves vehicle handling and drivability

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