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Intro-Guard Custom Car Cover for 2016 Honda Pilot

Intro-Guard Custom Car Cover for 2016 Honda Pilot

$ 179.00

Intro-Tech Custom Car Cover for

2016 Honda Pilot

  • 150 Denier woven polyester fabric, Intro-Guard™ coated with an aluminized polyurethane acrylic.
  • Soft and non-abrasive to clear coat finishes.
  • Extremely lightweight and highly protective.
  • Storage space approximately the size of a 12 pack of soda.
  • Nearly waterproof, yet breathable.
  • Will not absorb water like most perforated fabrics.
  • Custom tailored mirror pockets and eyelets for cable lock.
  • Snug fit all around with long and low coverage to keep wheels clean.
  • Comes with All Weather Lock Strap™ system. Positioned in front of the front wheels and behind the rear wheels making it storm resistant.
  • Also included: Storage bag and Cable Lock kit.
  • Lifetime warranty.


If this product does not meet with your expectations, we will refund the purchase price if returned within two weeks after the purchase date.

For more information please contact Armstrong Distributors on 714-352-4015



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